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Kenneth Knight has worked professionally with various computer systems for over ten years. He combines extensive multiple platform technical knowledge with excellent communications skills. The combination of these skills in a single person makes Mr. Knight the ideal person to help you create new products, train you on new software, help upgrade your computer system, and much more.

Kenneth Knight has worked most extensively with computer systems from Apple Computer. He has worked with the Apple Macintosh computer line almost since its release in 1984. He has also been involved with other cutting edge technologies such as the Apple Newton which set the standard for Personal Digital Assistants and the World Wide Web which is rapidly becoming one of the most important mediums for exchanging information.

If you are seeking help in designing and implementing a web site Mr. Knight can help you. Designing web pages not only requires technical knowledge of the tools used to create web pages (HTML, Java, JavaScript, etc.) but also a sense of design that is augmented by the technical background which lets Mr. Knight determine what can and cannot be readily done given specified requirements. The combination of technical expertise and an understanding of design lets Mr. Knight create informative and attractive web pages.

If you need help setting up a Macintosh computer system or network then Mr. Knight can be of immense assistance. Mr. Knight has worked with Macintosh computers for nearly 15 years. If you need to install new software, help learning how to do something new with your existing software, or want to expand your home or business network then Mr. Knight can help.

Mr. Knight has taught training seminars and played key roles in designing educational demonstrations on a variety of topics. This background in teaching enables Mr. Knight to train people either one-on-one or in small groups.

Consulting can be done either on-site, at your business or in your home, or via the telephone. The goal of sucessful training is to empower the trainee to better solve his or her own problems and thus become more productive as they use their computer for either personal or professional reasons.

Website’s Mr. Knight has either designed whole or in part include:

The resumé of Kenneth Knight is quite extensive.

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