Kenneth R. Knight
416 Fifth Street · Ann Arbor, MI. 48103 · (734)-769-8447


Work Experience

Production Editor, BackpackingLight.Com, May 2004—present.

Software Engineer, IA, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI.), November 1994—April 1998

Research Engineer, Cybernet Systems Corporation (Ann Arbor, MI.), November 1991—July 1992

Tutor, Department of Pharmacology, Uniformed Services, University of the Health Sciences (Bethesda, MD.), summer 1989.

Computer Consultant, Academic Computing Services, College of Wooster, September 1986—May 1989.


College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, B.A. in Computer Science, 1990

 Senior Thesis: "Design and Simulation of Virtual Computer Systems."
Concentration in Political Science.


  1. "A Homemade Gear Sled (Pulk) for Backcountry Trave", BackpackingLight.Com, April 2002
  2. "Newton User Interface Guidelines", PDA Developers, September/October 1996
  3. "Go Units, Rah, Rah, Rah", PDA Developer, July/August 1996
  4. "Making Soup: Taking advantage of Newton 2.0 soups", PDA Developer, May/June 1996.
  5. "Stationary: Making your Newton applications first class citizens", PDA Developer, March/April 1996
  6. "A Bright Future: Newton OS 2.0 Technical Overview", PDA Developers, January/February 1996
  7. "Wireless For The Newton", PDA Developer, November/December 1995.
  8. "Review: NewtCase", PDA Developer, November/December 1995.
  9. "Review: Gestures Mosaic", PDA Developer, September/October1995.
  10. "Truetype-The True Story," Washington Apple Pi, May 1991.
  11. "On HyperCard," Washington Apple Pi (August 1988ÑMarch 1989). Six articles were published in this series dealing with the uses of HyperCard(TM) to solve various problems.
  12. "Frontier's Edge Revisited," Washington Apple Pi, November 1986.
  13. "Lo-ResÑHi-Res Conversion," Washington Apple Pi, January 1986.
  14. "A List Formatter For All People," Washington Apple Pi, December 1985.
  15. "Frontier's Edge: Networks at College," Washington Apple Pi, November 1985.
  16. "Who Should be Responsible for Computer Bulletin Boards," The Montgomery Journal, February 25, 1985.

Software publications

  1. "MacWoof" (a point communications software package). Wrote the un-ARChiving code in C, 1991.
  2. "OffLine," renamed InterNet OffLine. Offline InterNet and SMLNet mail reader written with HyperCard 1991-1992.
  3. "ResBuild," a Macintosh resource file manipulation utility written with C, 1991.

Other Activities



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