July 23

This was a travel day. I had to get from Palmerton, Pennsylvania to the Long Hill Farm near Hillsdale, New York. I thought it would be fairly straightforward. Elizabeth Faranchak picked me up right when she said she would and we drove to Lehighton where a bus depot was located. Susquehanna buses ran out of the News Agency there. The bus was supposed to arrive at 09:30 but did not show up until 10:00. It seems odd to me that it took nearly 3 hours to get to the Port Authority but that is what it took. From the Port Authority I had to take a bus to Grand Central. This was almost a terrible mistake. First, the buses only take coins for the fare which strikes me as rather strange. Then I had a tough time telling where Grand Central was. You would think the light board that displays things like "stop requested" and "stand behind the blue line" would say, like the AATA buses, "Grand Central". But, I got there eventually and found the Metro North ticket office and got my ticket for the next train to Wassaic. It turned out that that train was going to leave in about 7 minutes. I found a seat and soon we left the station.

The train ride and subsequent transfer at Brewster North went smoothly and then the trouble began. It turns out that the buses that I thought ran between Wassaic and Hillsdale only run on the weekends. I walked into the hamlet (their word) of Wassaic just before the post office closed and was able to get some local advice from the ladies at there and then the bartender at the Lantern Inn. I was able to take a taxi to the Long Hill farm that ended up costing me $70 (including tip).

Once here I started roaming around this farm looking for Annie, Rod, Janelle, Greta, and the rest of gang. I climbed up around the campsites on the big hill looking for them and not finding them. I talked with some festival volunteers at the top of the hill. In time I found them. I was walking back down the hill and I heard, off in the distance, my name being called out by a woman that sounded rather like Annie. It was Annie. We had found each other.

The festival is on this working farm. I've no idea what they farm but it clearly is a farm. I walked around a bit and can tell this will be a huge event when it gets going. Right now people are still trickling in and I suspect that it will be much more crowded by Thursday afternoon when the festival really gets underway..

Tomorrow things will really get going and I am expecting it to be quite fun. We have already had fun talking, playing some music (the others, not really me since I can't even come close to keeping up with what they are doing even if I kind of know what they are playing). The atmosphere is already festive and will be soon filled with wonderful music.