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I arrived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming pretty much on time. I did not expect to find anyone at the airport and I was not dissapointed. I went to the El Rancho and settled in and then started looking for any other fellow travelers. I found none. In fact, as far as I could tell only Ron had even checked in. It was going to be a twiddle-my-thumbs afternoon.

When Glen showed up a couple hours later things got a bit more interesting. THen everyone else began to arrive from the airport, from Yellowstone National Park, and from other places. Soon pretty much everyone was around and we managed to spend an enjoyable evening together.

Saturday the rest of the group showed up. Ryan and Alan had come in last night and were completely wiped out from their exertions on Mt. Moran. Like last year we seemed to manage to wipe out many hours exploring the gear shops in Jackson. There are several. Perhaps the best one was the one a little ways out of the town center. I didn't buy anything there but they had the best selection of "lightweight" gear of the shops we did visit. I did do my share for the local economy though when I purchased a Patagonia Dragonfly.

It was fun just schmoozing with the others and getting ready for the start of the hiking Sunday morning.