May 24

Joe arrived in Ann Arbor a little before 13:00. As he put it he had been running a day and a few hours late since we had first planned to leave on the 23rd and drive just half way to Copper Harbor. However, we were soon on our way with only a few minor incidents to slow us down. Those incidents included both funny and serious events. Not being able to find our way out of a parking garage after purchasing some new socks and stove windscreen is funny. Realizing, after Joe said something, that I had left my boots at home is serious. If we had not stopped to get gear I suspect I would not have realized the mistake until several hours into the drive!

Once we were on the road things moved right along. The weather remained constantly icky but since we were in the car it did not really matter all that much. We stopped a couple times for fast food (ate too much) and once at a lovely little state park off Lake Michigan called Cut River where we wondered across a really nice bridge just to stretch our legs. Hopefully we will have time to stop there again on our way to Trails Day in Lowell, Mi..

As we drove, talked, listen to Nevada Barr's Blood Lure on CD, the time flowed endlessly by. We were actually making pretty good time until we were almost to Copper Harbor. We were minding our own business and Joe spotted three deer on one side of the road and another on the other side. At the last moment that one decided it was the right time to cross the road immediately in front of us. Joe's reflexes proved up to the challenge and we missed the deer by mere inches. Dumb deer. I know it is just an animal and deer aren't renown for their intelligence but still do you really think it is a good idea to run toward a large moving object? We had to pause for a bit after that. Joe let his adrenaline level lower a bit and we looked at the stars in the currently cool and clear night.

We arrived at the little hotel in Copper Harbor a bit after midnight. Surpassingly the hotel desk person was still up and we got our key to what turned out to be a quite sizeable room for our $50.00. We are staying at the King Copper which is right next to the ferry dock.

Of course, we couldn't go right to bed. We had to sort our gear first and we were up until about 02:00. We eventually settled in for a short night of sleep after making sure the hotel resident cat was not in the room.