May 30

It is a little after 8:00PM and I am really ready for bed. I have been up since before midnight with only pitiful cat naps on several short flights for rest. I am tired. But I am also at Three Mile Campground here on isle Royale so that is a good thing.

The seaplane ride to Rock Harbor was a snap. It was fun too - I had no waves of sleepiness strike me during that flight over Lake Superior. I would do it again. When John dropped me off in Tobin Harbor it was just about 4:30PM. I headed to the store to get stove fuel and some more food. I also got new buckles for my backpack. I had the wrong size ones on for the top lid. Next, a snack/dinner. But the snack bar is not open yet. I am not even sure now if the lodge dining room is open yet. Maybe the lodge isn't really open yet. No joy. I would have gotten extra food at the store just for a nice meal tonight but when I got back there it too was closed. Poptarts for me tonight.

I set off along Rock Harbor Trail around 5:20. My recollection of the trail is that except for the rock fields it is not that bad. I strolled down the trail past the campground and then along the shore passing familiar sights like the islets just off the shore. I waited for my first sighting of loon. I had heard other birds including I think Merganser ducks and Canadian geese, but it took a good twenty minutes before I heard my first haunting loon call. Few other animal calls cause one to think of the north woods as much as the loon's calls. Throughout the distant rumble of the Lake, sounding almost like a busy road in its insistent pounding , but so much nicer than that. The also seemingly always present, though I know this is not so, buzz of bugs. By 7:00 PM they were really bugging me landing, nipping maybe, and leaving. I crushed quite a few of the pests.

In an hour I reached the side trail for Suzy’s Cave. Last time I went up there I could not find the shelter Suzy used but this time I did. This cave, more a deep overhang really, would make a good haven from a sudden Superior storm. I was pleased with my progress, but that would soon change.

I zigged when I should have zagged and missed the nice puncheon near the shore and instead traipsed along faint trails through the forest. Bleh. Maybe they were people trails once, but now they are just animal pathways. Then the rock fields settled in. I just have a tough time with these. Where is the trail going to emerge on the other side of the field? It took an hour to reach my current abode. Of course, my detour might have lengthened things a bit but still I ended up probably averaging about 1.5mph. Oh well. I got here and that is what counts.

I wonder if I will see anyone. I have a feeling I may not. Though I can dream of running into boaters who have steaks to share. It has happened to others; why not me too. But for now I am going to go to sleep to the sounds of the island even though the sun won’t set for nearly 3 hours.