A Collection of Michigan Fall Days and Day Hikes - 2004

Near Hankard Lake, Waterloo Rec. Area | Lunar Eclipse & Northern Lights | Mapping Waterloo Rec. Area by Portage Lake

The Total Lunar Eclipse of October 27, 2004 and Northern Lights during the 2nd week of November

On October, 27, 2004 a total lunar eclipse took place. It was visible from Ann Arbor and although I missed out on seeing the eclipse at or near totality I did catch the start and end of it. I even managed to get some photos. While these certainly aren't anywhere near the quality of the vast majority of astrophotography I was still please and even a bit surprised at how they came out. After all, I just had the basic Canon Powershot S70. It was certainly fun to try and watching celestial events like this is always a fun thing to do.

During the second week of November solar activity was scuh that many people were able to see spectacular display of the Northern Lights. Unfortunately for those of us here in Ann Arbor we were not among that group. At least I definity was not. The sky refused to clear on any of the active nights and when I finally did get a clear sky over in White Cloud, Michigan (this year's GLH Gathering) the aurora borealis had waned to the point that it wasn't visible there. However, I still took some pictures and what they reveal is both fun to look at and a sad reminder of some aspects of our lives. These two pictures were taken November 11th> and the light you see is soley man-made.

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