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So, you just want to view the photographs from this trip. This page has them all. The trip diary has all the same photos, but also includes my impressions of everything I saw and did. The descriptions are lifted from the trip diary so you may find references to information in the diary itself - you'll just have to read the diary in some cases for the full scoop.

Click the diary to jump near by the spot in the trip diary that focuses on the photo.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950. The photos were shot at 1600x1200 in normal compression mode. However, due to rather tight space constraints I have scaled them down to 640x480 and imposed a fair amount of additional compression on to the images. Some of the pictures were taken with the use of the self-timer and a Q-Pod tripod. I also had a UV filter on the lens attached with a 28-37mm step-up ring from CKC Power. For power I used an external battery powerpack designed by Alan Jacobson (his article is on the web somewhere. You should also be able to find it via deja news. Search the newsgroup for his name and a phrase like "sealed lead acid battery"). I used a 3.3Ah sealed lead acid battery instead of the 4.0Ah he suggests. I also powered my MessagePad 2100/keyboard with it. While I do not know how much charge I used I doubt it was very much since I only shot about 40 pictures and probably used the Newton for only 5 hours or so (4 AA cells on the Newton can be used in this fashion for probably 8-10 hours of heavy typing).

diaryIt is always good to know where you are starting from. Take a look at what I have coming.

diaryThis picture looks out over a valley of farm fields and homes. There is an electrified fence around this field which I imagine is meant to keep livestock in though I did not see any at the time.

diaryThis small farm building is just below the field in the previous picture.

diaryI thought this colorful tree stood out rather nicely. I'm about to enter those woods. At this point I've covered perhaps 1.7 miles.

diaryMy first View of Nuclear Lake. Unfortunately, I managed to loose myself at the north eastern end of this lake and it took quite some time to regain the trail. Nuclear Lake does not glow at night. It gets its name from the company that used to be located at the site. The company did fuel re-processing I believe, but has been gone for more than 25 years.

diaryOK, so this photograph is a bit dark, but hey I haven't got a lens hood.

diaryI am in basically the same location. But, I did some more fiddling around to get this picture. Using the self-timer is tricky. This and the previous shot actually came out better than I thought they would based on what I could see in the LCD.

diaryI this know picture is a bit blurry, but in real life the tree in the foreground looked absolutely stunning.

diaryThis clearing surrounded by trees gave me some trouble. Finding a trail blaze off the woods road I was following would have been much trickier if I had not found some people coming off the trail from the south. We chatted by the lake shore for several minutes. They had three generations out on this gorgeous fall day for a walk in the woods.

diaryThese two pictures should give you a bit of an idea of what the trail was like. The first image shows where I have just come from; the second what lies ahead. This section wasn't as bad as some other parts, but I was going fairly slowly. I reached Depot Hill road about 25 minutes later. I then spent considreable time trying to call a taxi company. By the time I got one the cell phone battery was nearly dead. In fact, it died during the conversation. I walked for a little more than an hour towards Poughquag, NY before finding a house with a person who would let me use their phone to call the taxi company again to arrange a pickup. I got back to Pawling, NY just after 2:00pm.

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