I returned home from my Appalachian Trail section hike (about 450 miles in six weeks to finish off Virginia; 2 weeks visiting my parent in Chevy Chase) on July 4, 2000. After unpacking a bit I went online to retrieve email that had piled up and sign back on to the email lists that I had suspended my subscriptions with. It was my good fortune to read messages posted Tuesday afternoon to the Great Lakes Hiking (greatlakeshikes hosted by ) email list discussing this trip to North Manitou Island this weekend. I decided then and there that if I could go I would.

Jeff Soles (Ten Gallon) offered me a lift with him and his son Doug. All that I needed now was a ticket on the ferry that runs between the island and Leland, Michigan. It turned out that the ferry was booked on Friday and that I would be the eleventh person on their waiting list. My hopes began to sink. But, I decided that if worst came to worst I would take the Saturday ferry instead and just spend a day in the Leland area and hope I could find a place to stay for the night.

Bob Scholtens then decided that he was not going to go. He wanted to stay with his wife who was, according to him, quite sick. This opened up two seats on the ferry and Bob called the ferry company and told them to sell his spot to me which they promptly did.