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So, you just want to view the photographs from this trip. This page has them all. The trip diary has all the same photos, but also includes my impressions of everything I saw and did. The descriptions are lifted from the trip diary so you may find references to information in the diary itself - you'll just have to read the diary in some cases for the full scoop.

Click the diary to jump near by the spot in the trip diary that focuses on the photo.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950. The photos were shot at 1600x1200 in normal compression mode. However, due to rather tight space constraints I have scaled them down to 640x480 and imposed some additional compression (some compression artifacts are bound to show up). I had a UV filter on the lens attached with a 28-37mm step-up ring from CKC Power. For power I used an external battery powerpack designed by Alan Jacobson (his article is on the web somewhere. You should also be able to find it via deja news. Search the newsgroup for his name and a phrase like "sealed lead acid battery"). I used a 3.3Ah sealed lead acid battery instead of the 4.0Ah he suggests. I also powered my MessagePad 2100/keyboard with it. By the end of the trip I had used up most of the charge, but I am sure that a fair amount of charge was used when the camera was inadvertently either left on or it giggled itself on (probably caused by frictin between the battery power cable and command wheel when the camera was in the pouch). I know that the camera was in this state 3 times and it could have been 5. Each time the camera would turn off after 30 minutes (the auto off setting does not have an effect here since the camera thinks it is attached to an AC power source via its adapter). This means that for at least 90 minutes the camera was on, focused on the inside of my camera bag. WHile it might not have focused much the LCD display would have been on drawing power. I took some 50 pictures and used the Newton for perhaps 3.5-4.0 hours in addition. With more care I am sure the battery would last considerably longer.

One final note. The names of the photos do describe the date and time they were taken. However, the times are off by an hour. The camera's internal clock was set for daylight savings time. Subtract an hour to get the correct eastern (US) time.

diaryIt is always good to know where you are starting from. As you can see this picture and the photo here aare not at the start of our hike. We've already travelled some 0.7 miles from the car up several hundred feet and are nearly to the AT.

diaryThis picture looks out over, I believe, the view at Possom's Rest.

diaryThe view in this picture is to the south east as I recall. We had taken the short, though somewhat steep and ungraded, side trail to the left (heading south) off of the summit of Mt. Compton. I was a bit dissapointed.

diaryWhile I waited for Ron to retrieve thw water from those small streams that may or may not be the Compton springs the guidebook mentioned I took this picture of the darkening sky. It looks more ominous than it really was.

diaryIt turned out that the two small streams we crossed probably were the springs the guidebook mentioned coming up 0.4 miles south of the summit of Compton. Didn't seem spring like to me. Here we see Ron returning with water as I kept an eye on the packs. We had gone a modest distance beyond the springs and it seemed silly for us both to go back to them. We carried about 8 liters to our campsite of that evening which wasn't too much farther down the trail (maybe AT mile marker 7.7-7.8).

diaryOur first night out. We've got the tents set up and are just getting ready to start making our first dinners (we did eat in the dark), but the sight of the setting sun here really caught my eye. Hiker at near rest in the very mild, probably still closer to 60 than 50 degrees, day.

diaryThis scenic view can't be that far from our campsite.

diaryThe overlook that the AT passes as it cross the summit of North Marshall Mtn. is really quite grand. Here are two pictures from the overlook. I'm not sure if this picture is facing back towards the summit or to the cliffs to the left though I suspect it is the former. The second photo is just a modest portrait of yours truly.

diaryLooking out over the valley as we crossed a short ridge between Little Hogback (Big) Hogback.

diaryI am fairly sure that this picture was taken near the end of our last ascent of Hogback. Notice how much the sky has changed in the half hour since we began our ascent of Hogback.

diaryWho says Sassquatch (sp?) can't move east. We had been enveloped by clouds since around 01:00 and here is the foggy day. Oh, wait, it's Ron in the very foggy day.

diaryI am sanding in the Elkswallow Picnic Area. While we gathered water at the spring just north of that area the backpacking trio we met earlieer at the Range View Cabin trailhead passed us.

diaryLook at what is coming for Ron and myself. We're descending Pass Mtn. and it is another glorious day with fog rolling around in Thorton Gap and Mary's Rock Mtn. in the background.

diaryLook where we came from. I am standing on a section of the AT that runs paralell to Mary's Rock Mtn. on a ridge. We're not much above the fog yet, but our pace has slowed somewhat since this "middle" section of the ascent is strewn with rocks.

diaryMary's Rock is well worth the vist. The next few photos should prove this point.

diaryOur final morning. The campsite was again quite good. I must say that all the stuff shown here sure appears to take lots of space. it really did fit in my pack. The things in the far right foreground are Ron's.

diaryTwo images from Hazel Mountain Overlook on Skyline Drive.

diaryLooking out over Buck Hollow Overlook.

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