December 19

The trip has started out a bit more slowly than previous years but it is under full power now. We spent the first day with our cousins who live in Scottsdale. We visited some nice galleries including one with works that though in some cases are appealing are certainly out of my price range. Still it is fun in a way to visit such places. After a lazy afternoon and a fine dinner (thanks Angela) it was time for bed. The next day featured a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's western campus of Taliesin West where for over sixty years now they have taught aspiring architects and lauded Wright's work which certainly deserves it. While the tour was interesting I doubt I will retain much. The design of the buildings is intriguingly and definitely Wright's work and I am torn wondering if I would enjoy living there or not.

We dove to Tucson during the afternoon and found ourselves not doing much of anything for the rest of the day. As Mom would later put it we did nothing very slowly. This is not a slight against our cousins; it is just how things worked out. We met another cousin,Jessica, who now lives out in Tucson and teaches very young kids with severe learning disabilities including autism. We had a nice time together and a decent dinner at the Firecracker. I can’t even guess when I would have last seen Jessica. She is part of a portion of the family that I really do not know though my parents have stronger ties with at least her parents.