February 18

It is just about 7:00pm and our most recent rain shower has just come to an end. It has sprinkled on and off all day but we have managed to avoid the worst of it. Of course, Kevin and I are itching for blue skies and drier conditions while the desert dwelling Carol and Don are probably hoping for more rain. Just goes to show that it takes all kinds.. I am siting under my Tarptent Virga at Juniper Basin Campground writing this and pondering if I should make a hot meal even though I ate one of my lunches for dinner already. Perhaps just some tea and Grand Canyon Cheesecake will do. But until I decide what to do I might as well multi-task and write this journal.

Carol and I connected after a bit of trouble for me finding my luggage and began to get things done on a cloudy but warm, to me, Phoenix afternoon. We stopped at REI and Albertson's before going to Carol's home to link up with Connie and Rosie the dog. After a reasonably good and cheap lunch at a Chinese restaurant we returned to get Carol's stuff and head over to Tucson.

The drive to Tucson went quickly especially since I dozed for part of the time in a vein effort to let my body heal from the cold that is bothering me. We had time to kill before we wanted to show up at Don and Karen's house out in the desert outreaches so we decided to visit Saguaro National Park and do the 8 mile loop drive and stop where we felt we ought to along the way. The skies ere full of heavy clouds though there was a clear yellow-red region where the sun was setting in the west. When we got out at Mica View Picnic Area we decided that we would scamper back to the car if it began to rain. We did not wander very far before big cool droplets of water began to impact upon our bare heads. We scurried back to the car having just managed to get a glimpse of the desert mountains around us.

From there we settled on dinner at Oregano’s and although we both had said we did not want sandwiches that is what w ended up getting. They were quite good.

Darkness had descended upon Tucson and in the neighborhood that Don, Karen, and their children Amy and Megan, and dog Mica live it is quite dark indeed. We found their spacious, high ceiling, Persian rug adorned, single story home without trouble and settled in for an evening of chit chat that did not entirely revolve around backpacking gear or backpackingligt. I know I had not planned to stay up so late, but it was well after 11:00 when I finally went to bed between 2 Apple iMacs.