December 10

Jeff and I arrived at SueÕs (LeapfrogÕs) house just after 20:00. Most everyone else was already there and they were happily devouring three pizzas. They just could not wait any longer. We settled on it and joined the conversations which naturally included such topics as sharing gear ideas and favorite places to hike. Several people brought pictures of past adventures. IÕm sorry IÕm lousy at names. Who brought the little slide viewer of numerous UK/Ireland photos which were great. SandraÕs (again apologies IÕm blanking on the rest of the names in your family) River-to-River trail tales were great too.

People continued to trickle on in until midnight. I think Tony was the last to arrive. Just a few hours later than planned. During that wait we watched "27 Days" which is a Lynn Weldan video starring, among others, our own Gran-Ma Soule (Verna) as she thru-hiked with a few other people the Long Trail back in 1990. Wonderful video.

Some people drifted off to sleep at "reasonable" hours. Jeff (Ten Gallon) called it an evening first and headed out for his Nomad in SueÕs backyard/AT trail bit. Most everyone else was sleeping in the house. But, that did leave a few hearty souls, including myself, awake and watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even we packed it in eventually: at 03:00.

I hope I sleep well in my Stephensons tonight. It is certainly chilly outside. I trust SueÕs lights wonÕt bother me.