Friday, April 11, 2003

The sun has just set, crickets are chirping spring peepers are peeping, geese are honking as they swim in the lake, and the roar of traffic can clearly be heard. Claudine, Paul, and I have been here at the Green Lake campground just a little more than two hours and this has been a fine first day.

We arrived at the Lindley road parking area around 16:00 on a sunny, clear, and very warm afternoon. After gearing up we set out upon what we thought was the right route. It was, after all, tending to go in the proper directions and we were on a trail. But, after a couple tenths of a mile we realized we had made an error and turned back around. If we had actually paid attention to the direction John Lawton provided we would have known instantly which way to go. But, our little stroll through fields, deer trails (including a fine deer bed down site) We retraced our steps and soon were marching down the old road towards the now renowned Butt tree. When we reached the intersection I encouraged my companions to visit Island Lake. It did not take much effort to convince them to walk the short trail to this small lake with its small island in the middle. The last time I visited this lake the skies were completely overcast. Today the skies were brilliantly clear and the lake was a shimmering deep blue. A lone swan slowly swam by off on the lake's far side. A very lovely afternoon indeed.

We returned to the main trail and continued our easy hike to Green Lake Campground. There are just a couple small rises and dips along the way. As we walked and talked we enjoyed the fact that spring was springing forth. Paul and Claudine saw butterflies and we all enjoyed the sounds that enveloped us especially as we passed small ponds that were home to many frogs.

We arrived at the campground around 18:00 and found ourselves a fairly gnat-free campsite. The first site we had considered was more sheltered but since it was muddier there seemed, at the time, to be more gnats around As we settled into our chosen site we relaxed in company of friends, a pleasant campfire, and the enjoyable twilight that is even now descending.