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Throughout many of my trip diaries I mention HF Holidays. This is a UK-based company that organizes trips throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and to a far lesser degree the rest of the world.

The trips that HF runs are 1 or 2 week hiking trips that are usually based out of a single location (some trips move from location to location; others are more of a touring nature). The trips I refer to are of the first type. In the UK you will usually stay in an HF owned house and do day hikes of varying difficulty each day. The non-UK European trips work in a similar fashion except those trips stay in small hotels that are rented for the purpose. So, for a week or two you stay in a very nice hotel or house (some of the HF owned properties are quite substantial) and you do, along with fellow group members, hikes in the surrounding area.

What really makes HF unique is that you get to pick which hike you want to do each day. Usually there will be three choices available which vary in distance, amount of ascent (descent), type of terrain covered, and pace. You can always find a hike to your taste or choose to go off on your own if that is what you want to do. All the hikes are led by leaders who are volunteers, but who really know what they are doing. The leaders keep the group moving, know the local area, and are approachable and knowledgable.

Multiple hike choices each day, excellent leaders, accomodations that are first rate, food that is usually more than adequate for anyone's needs (vegetarians can do quite well), group activities that can be loads of fun, and much more for a price that is, at least compared to anything even remotely comparable (and nothing really is) incredibly low (HF was founded some 80 years ago, and remains, a not-for-profit organization whose intent is to provide trips to people who could not easily afford them).

Here is some contact information that should be correct:

HF Holidays Imperial House
The Hyde
Edgware Road
Telephone: 020 8905 9558
email: info@hfholidays.co.uk
www: www.hfholidays.co.uk

One last thing: I have no connection with HF Holidays except that of a happy customer.

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