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So, you just want to view the photographs from this trip. This page has them all. The trip diary has all the same photos, but also includes my impressions of everything I saw and did. The descriptions are lifted from the trip diary so you may find references to information in the diary itself - you'll just have to read the diary in some cases for the full scoop.

Click the diary to jump near by the spot in the trip diary that focuses on the photo.

diaryIn this picture you can see pretty much the only building in Cisco: the post office. Our leaders can be seen in this picture: John is standing on the porch; Dan is in the foreground.

diaryHere you can see the evaporation pools. These pools are one of the few man-made features, the Great Wall of China is another, that can be seen from space.

diaryIn this photo you are seeing a view from near our luncheon spot which was a nice stone pavillion. Notice the different types of stone on the far canyon wall.

diaryGeologists are not sure what made Upheaval Dome. Some believe that this crater could be the result of a small meteor strike while others suggest that it is the result of internal pressure from volcanism and the movement of underground salt pushing up the surface area.

diaryDelicate Arch, shown here, is the source material for many fantastic postcards. What makes the trail all the more wonderful is the fact that until you actually reach the arch you cannot see it. The vista at the arch is, as I think you will agree, stunning.

diaryIn this photo you can see the rock outcropping that surrounds Sand Dunes Arch. Unless you enter this quiet sanctuary of stone you would have no idea that arches can be found inside.

diaryIn this shot you can clearly see why I think it looks like a hitch hiker's thumb. Would Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect be proud of this?

diaryHere it becomes clear why the name of this arch is Turret Arch. Not only is that a nicer name, but the formation does remind one of a wall of a castle complete with a turret.

diaryI believe that this photo is of South Window, but it is hard to tell. Though I do not have a picture of these two windows from behind (seen from the Primitive Loop Trail) I can tell you that from that angle you realize just how high up both windows are. Of course, since they're so far above you in a rear view you can't see much through them.

diaryIn this picture you can see one of the many Balanced Rocks. I think this is one of the major ones (its name has something to do with Paul Bunyon though I do not recall what). Sadly, though I tried to take other pictures of some other balanced rocks, including one which would have shown me holding the rock up, the camera had long since decided to cease functioning by that time.

diaryThis photograph attests to the fact that the camera was not working. The film had jammed, and subsequent films never seemed to advance, causing several pictures to overlap on themselves.

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