Sleeping Bear Dunes Photo Gallery

So, you just want to view the photographs from this trip. This page has them all. The trip diary has all the same photos, but also includes my impressions of everything I saw and did. The descriptions are lifted from the trip diary so you may find references to information in the diary itself - you'll just have to read the diary in some cases for the full scoop.

Click the diary to jump near by the spot in the trip diary that focuses on the photo.

diaryI'd just purchased a tent, shown here. The campsite itself was alright.

diaryThis picture is taken from the top of one of the dunes facing Glenn Lake (I think) and some of the distant forests and such like.

diaryHere is another view it really shows off some of the flora as well as my travel companions. I'm fairly sure this was actually taken from the beach where I took my pictured dip.

diaryAs you can see in this picture the clouds had come in.

diaryOf course, you need proof I really went into the nippy waters of Lake Michigan so here it is in all its visual glory.

diaryHere is a good picture of the Lake. taken from the campsite.

diaryAnother picture from campground beach where I did some more swimming in the very blue Lake Michigan.

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