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So, you just want to view the photographs from this trip. This page has them all. The trip diary has all the same photos, but also includes my impressions of everything I saw and did. The descriptions are lifted from the trip diary so you may find references to information in the diary itself - you'll just have to read the diary in some cases for the full scoop.

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diaryWhile this picture of many of our group may not be for this walk it does give you a nice idea of what our group was like.

diaryThis picture shows a view back the way we came including the local lake. I believe I took this not long before lunch.

diaryI am failry sure picture is of Pen y Fan.

diaryThe canal and Promenade of Brecon are shown here.

diaryWe had lunch at the location shown in this picture. This is Carn Pica which was a major feature of one of our walks. Another feature of that walk was a relentless upward climb for the first 90 or so minutes (though it did have some great views). Another great sight on this hike was the chance to watch the clouds boil over the hill tops we were on.

diaryHere are those ponies I mentioned above. We walked past the small herd just before lunch.

diaryI am fairly sure this picture of someone relaxing was taken on this same day.

diaryAnother picture of typical Welsh scenery in our area. I am fairly sure this was also taken on this last hike, but it could easily be a view seen on the previous day's hike during the initial continuous ascent.

diaryThis picture of the three of us is either on this final hike or the first one, but I am not sure which. It's still a nice view though.

diaryHere is the Abergavenny train station you can see the sign is in English and Welsh under the arch.

diaryThis picture of the Hotel de Ville can't quite show the entire building. We can only see the lower portion of the structure. The spire is not visible. The left wing, was built first for the initial city council of noblemen. The right wing was added when the city council was expanded to include the leaders of the guildes that were making the city rich. This is particularly clear if you look at the windows in each wing. The spire as a symbol of Brussels' power. The fence in the foreground is blocking off a central portion of the Grand Place that will hold the flower carpet display.

diaryThis picture of a bay window is of one of the several Horta houses we found.

diaryHere is one place that we did find on Avenue Louise that was rather intriguing.

diaryThe sculpture shown here, a green patina covered bronze, is of a I think local hero throwing a giant's disembodied hand into the Schedt river.

diaryThis very pleasant scene shows part of the park with its four sculptures of the Four Horsemen of the Apacolypse. Though it is not visible in this photo we had lunch on the far side of the park right by the canal.

diaryI'm not quite sure which block of Bruges is depicted here, but the buildings in the background are typical of the downtown area.

diaryThis lovely photograph was taken on the canal tour. Most of the bridges on the canal, at least the one we were one, are like the one you can see here. Seeing the biuldings from the canal is a great way to get a feel for their age.

diaryThis fountain view is, I'm fairly certain, in the nice park I just mentioned.

diaryIn this view we can see part of the flower carpet and in the background is the building that when built served as the seat of power for the Hapsburgs. It's directly across from the Hotel de Ville and was meant to remind city councilmen that they were not the end all and be all of power.

diaryThis panorama shows another part of the flower carpet. I'm fairly sure the building in the background is one that used to house many of the cities guildes. Though not really visible in the picture the building has several sigils that identify what guildes used to call the place home.

diaryThis intereor view is taken on the second floor of the Comic Strip Museum. The floor tiles you can see in the foreground are actually frosted glass which you can walk across. They're part of a double layer of glass and people on the first floor, especially in the grand atrium, can see the shadows of the folks walking across the second floor. It's quite striking.

diaryThis view is a great exterior view of a house which though not done by Horta (I see Mackintosh influences though he had nothing to do with it) is still quite elegant.

diaryThis picture should give you a good idea of what the interior of this church looks like. I especially liked the stained glass here from the comtempletive cross to the blue ceiling windows. The arches are reinforced concrete forms whose lower portions are, I think, granite.

diaryThis picture shows some of the windows in the town hall. I had thought that these windows were also supposed to have scenes of various workers, but that is clearly not visible in this image.

diaryThe exterior of the Forest Town Hall is shown here.

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