June 28

This was the travel day. It would end up being a pretty long travel day with one long tiresome layover. The actual travel by plane, bus, and finally good sized car was fine. The layover in Las Vegas was a bore. It was punctuated by a meeting with a odd fellow who I shared a cheap pizza with. The pizza fell into my lap when a pizza delivery man came over to the Greyhound bus terminal from the hotel across the street. Whoever had ordered the pizza from the hotel had vanished so he came to the terminal to try and recoup at least some of the cost of the pizza. I purchased the small pepperoni pizza for $5.00. The guy I split it with said he had been stuck in Vegas for several days trying to get back to San Diego. His story didn't quite hang together for me since he did not seem scruffy enough to have been around for that many days and if he had contacts (family, friends) in San Diego then why couldn't he get some money forwarded to Las Vegas. However, he seemed harmless enough especially since there were so many people about. If I had been alone I would have reacted to him much differently.

The Greyhound bus ride was tedious but quick enough. I got to listen in on some neat conversations around me. That is always worth something. I even took part in a couple. But, for the most part, I dozed. We arrived in St. George when we were supposed too and I did not have long to wait for my Zion Transportation shuttle to show up. That ride was much more fun than the Greyhound. It went quickly especially since the lady driving and I struck up a good conversation while we drove.

After taking a rather long time to find my campsite at Watchman campground I found that I was at a loss for things to do. I had thought about going to Zion Lodge and visiting the Emerald Pools, but that idea got shelved. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to toss of rope over a high branch to hang my food. What a waste. I am no good at tossing line. I ended up making a clothesline and hanging the food off that. Hardly large animal proof but good enough.

I spent some time wandering around trying to get my ducks in a row by the Happy Camper store. I ended up buying a sandwich and soda for dinner and that was more than enough. It is now nearly 23:00 and definitely time for bed. I have to get up around first light to go to the Backcountry Office to ensure I arrive early enough to get a permit for all eight of us for the Zion Narrows hike.